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Burn Before Reading (2008)

January 12, 2010

Osbourne Cox (John Malkovich) is being removed from his post in the CIA because he has a drinking problem. Harry (George Clooney) is having an affair with Osbourne’s wife, Katie. Osbourne decides to write his memoirs.
Linda (Frances McDormand) and Chad (Brad Pitt) are trainers at a gym. Linda wants to have a variety of procedures to help improve her body and is also doing computer dating. When her insurance company turns down the money for her operations she is devastated.
Chad has a CD that someone found of the locker room floor. The CD has a bunch of information on it that looks like secret documents. He finds out the disk is Osbourne Cox’s. Chad wants to call and see if he can get a reward. Linda hopes it can pay for her surgeries.
Meanwhile Harry and Linda hook up, using the data service. When Osbourne won’t pay, Linda and Chad head to the Russian embassy. Katie is going to leave Osbourne and wants Harry to leave his wife – he isn’t too sure.
Chad goes over to scout out Osbourne’s house and Harry is there. When Harry finds Chad in his closet, he is startled and shoots and kills him and dumps his body in the river. The CIA who was watching can’t figure out what is going on.
Harry breaks up with Katie but then finds out his wife has hired a detective to follow him. Osbourne’s bank account is closed. Linda is worried to death about Chad. When she tells Harry that the missing Chad had last been at Osbourne’s house Harry freaks out (he knows he killed him). Osbourne breaks into his own house and finds Ted, the gym manager, who he then shoots and then beats with his gun, killing him. A CIA guy watching the house shot Osbourne, who is probably going to die. No one, including the viewer, really knows what is going on. The guys at the CIA are really confused.
The CIA guys agree to pay for Linda’s procedures but they don’t know why.
A good movie by the Coen Brothers but not one of my favorites.
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